Reopening After Covid 19 Closure

What are the rules?

People can return to pubs and restaurants from 4 July but drinking and dining will not be quite the same as it was pre-pandemic.

Just as freshly reopened shops have introduced social distancing measures, all hospitality businesses will have to take additional precautions to protect their customers and staff, this will produce a quite different experience from the one we are used to.

Perhaps the biggest change is that for the foreseeable future customers will have to ‘check in’ before you sit down. The Prime Minister has ordered that pubs and restaurants must ask customers to provide contact details when they arrive to help the NHS track and trace programme.

Pubs, bars, and restaurants will be allowed to open both indoor and outdoor sections if they operate on a ‘table-service basis’, without people ordering or drinking at the bar area.

Who can I go to pubs and restaurants with?

Pubs, cafés, and restaurants have traditionally hosted groups of family, friends, and couples on dates. But will this be safe when they reopen?

The Prime Minister’s announcement did come with a relaxation on who and where people can meet – also due to start on 4 July.

If people stay at least two metres away from anyone they do not live with or share a ‘bubble’ with, such as physically close working colleagues, close family groups etc. they are currently permitted to meet outside in groups of six.  This ‘social distancing’ limit is to be relaxed to ‘one metre plus’ from 4 July.

By the time pubs and restaurants reopen, people will be able to meet with those from another household, indoors, if these new social distancing restrictions are maintained.

With two weeks to go until pubs are permitted to reopen, we may expect further clarity on who exactly you will be permitted to go with soon.


From 4th July we shall be opening during our normal opening hours for both food and beverages. Tables will be limited to four persons only and we shall be operating a table service. Customers will be encouraged to maintain the 1 metre social distancing limit wherever practically possible. Regrettably this will impact on the speed of service, so we ask that our customers understand our difficulty and are patient with us.

Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

We regret that we are unable to offer Bed & Breakfast facilities at this time. However, we hope to be able to resume welcoming overnight guests as soon as restrictions are lifted further. This and other information will be sent out to subscribers of our mailing list, so please use the ‘Add Me’ form, if you would like to be notified of any future news and events.


Information taken from customers to assist the NHS’s ‘Track and Trace’ programme will be treated as we treat all sensitive personal data. It will be used solely for the purpose of the ‘Track and Trace’ programme and will be held in all other aspects, in confidence, until it is no longer required.

Should you wish to be placed upon our ‘Mailing List’, to be advised of further events and matters of local interest, please continue to use the form on our website (Click Here).

Table Reservations

While the restrictions are in place, we regret that we are unable to accept table bookings by email.

Please look at the  “Reopening Changes” page for further information.

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Bed & Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast accommodation is now available again. However, we are still slightly limited by the gradual lifting of restrictions.

Because of the increase in work, ensuring that rooms are made safe for our guests, we shall have to impose a minimum two night’s stay for room bookings and hope that our customers and friends will understand our difficulties.

With so much to see in this beautiful part of Cornwall, we are sure you will find an extra day or two, can only ever be a bonus!

The pub is open for business and we will do everything we can to deliver the best experience we can under present circumstances.

Local businesses like ours need your help in these times, so please come and support us. You will be most welcome!